RIO MRW-110 Magnetic Credit Card Reader and Writer (A2)

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Power requirements: +24VDC +/- 5%
Consumption: Typical 350mA Max. 600mA plus for each writing track
Power supply: External switching power 24V/2.5A
Communication: USB Interface
Ripple: 50MVP-p or less
Dielectric strength: 500 VDC for 1 minute
Bit per density 210 bpi 75/210bpi 210 bpi
Read card Track1 Track2 Track3
Coercive force Read/write 300-4000 oe Mag. Card
Card thickness 0.76-1.2mm
Read speed: STD card Jitter +/-15%
Amp. 60% 5-55ips 5-50ips 5-50ips
Write speed: 5-30ips
Write jitter: Interval < +/- 10%, Sub-interval < +/- 12%
Error rate: Read < 0.5%; Write < 0.8%
Head life: Min. 1000K swipes for both read/write head
Body material: ABS 94V-0
Weight: Approx. 1.4kg
Dimension: 212L x 64W x 63H mm D
Dimensions of Box 290(L) x 180(W) x 100(H) mm
Swipe: Manual, single direction
Operation: -10 to 55º C, 10 to 85% humidity
Storage: -30 to 70º C, 10 to 90% humidity
Program software Windows 98/Me/XP /Vista
All information subject to mistakes and alteration.
Reading/Writing magnetic stripe card complied with ISO formats
Reading/Writing Drivers Licenses
Read/Write High & Low Coercive (300~4000Oe)
High/Low Coercivity encoding circuitry select- able on screen
Manual Swipe to read and/or write card with RS- 232 /USB output
Programming software for various read/write
Sequential write function, up to 12 digits (1 up)
Writing and verifying data on single, dual, or
triple track in one swipe
+24VDC, 2.5A Max external power adapter at- tached

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RIO MRW-110 Magnetic Credit Card Reader and Writer (A2)