POSWAY WAL 3000 1D Laser Omni Directional Barcode Scanner,5 Direction Of Scan Field, up to 1400 Scan/sec, Scan Line 20 with Usb Interface | WAL-3000 (A2)

Product Code:

WAL-3000 1D Laser Omni directional barcode scanner

Item No.: WAL-3000

◆ The multi scan engine, durable 

◆ The multi line mode, superior performance 

◆ The 1400 line of powerful 1D omni-directional scanner

◆ The high degree of scanning performance, applicable to Marketing


♦ Aggressive, High-Density Reading Performance
Decodes high-density, 5.0 mil barcodes to optimize checkout procedures.
♦ Multiple Interfaces
Compatible with most POS systems, minimizing the efforts associated with device management.
♦ Diagnostic Indicator
Enables fast and easy troubleshooting and decreases downtime.
♦ Draws Power From the Host
Uses either USB or serial ports for power, saving space and money by reducing the number of cables.
♦ Automatic Scanning Operation
Simply present a barcode to WAL-3000 and the unit scans in a single pass.
♦ Rugged
Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock for extended use in tough environments.

Product Details

Designed to increase system output and lower the total cost of ownership, the WAL-3000 hands-free omnidirectional laser scanner reduces on-site service costs and downtime in small-item, high-volume retail environments.

The WAL-3000 scanner features an extended depth of field and advanced decoding software, so your cashiers can scan all standard barcodes on the first pass with minimal concern for the barcode’s direction or print quality.
And unlike other comparable devices, the WAL-3000 scanner also includes a visual diagnostic indicator that enables fast, easy troubleshooting and decreases downtime.

Find out more about what your business can accomplish with the WAL-3000 scanner and  workflow solutions.

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POSWAY WAL 3000 1D Laser Omni Directional Barcode Scanner,5 Direction Of Scan Field, up to 1400 Scan/sec, Scan Line 20 with Usb Interface | WAL-3000 (A2)