Hitachi ST-150NF Currency fitness Sorter, Money Counting Machine, Duplicated key buttons, LCD | ST-150NF (A2)

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  • New Paradigm of Counterfeit Detection
    • Enhanced Speedy Counter
    • Serial number is recognized by using OCR (up to 1,000 notes/min)
    • Detects duplicated serial number or counterfeit serial number as a counterfeit note.
  • High-level Multifunctional Sorter
    • Available up to 10 currencies
    • Complete authentication
    • High-level fitness sorting
    • Accurate serial number recognition
  • Highly Convenient and Easy Operation
    • Highly visible 4.3 inch color graphic LCD
    • Convenient audio alert for notification or error
    • Easy upgrade by LAN or USB
    • Flexibly designed menu and GUI
    • Duplicated key buttons for two tellers (option)

  • Counterfeit Detection: CIS, IR, MG, UV
  • Currency: Maximum 10 currencies
  • Count Only: 1,300 notes/min
  • Value: 1,300 notes/min
  • Fitness (ST-150N): 1,000 notes/min
  • Serial (option): 1,000 notes/min
  • Fitness: Stains, Limpness, Dog-ears, Tears, Holes, Folds, Mutilations, Thickness, Repairs, Composed, De-inked, etc
  • User Interface: Colors TFT-LCD (4.3inch), Audio
  • Hopper: Over 500 notes
  • Reject Pocket: 100 / 70 notes
  • Stacker: 300 / 200 notes
  • Dimensions: 300(W) X 321(D) X 310(H) mm
  • Weight: Net:13.9kg, Gross:15.7kg
  • Power Supply: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Globalization: Multi language support
  • Communication Channel: LAN, USB, RS232C (External display, Thermal printer)
  • Upgrade: LAN, USB

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Hitachi ST-150NF Currency fitness Sorter, Money Counting Machine, Duplicated key buttons, LCD | ST-150NF (A2)