Cassida 6650 UV Counting Machine (A5)

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Model Cassida 6650 series

Hooper Capacity 400

Counterfeit Detections UV (UV, UV/MG models) MG (UV/MG model)

Display Type/Digits LED

Power Consumption < 80 W

Weight(kg) 5

Counting Speed 1000 notes per minute

Counting Modes Simple count, ValuCount TM, Add, Batch

Reports on the Display  Counting mode, Error code, Total number of bills Selected denomination, Total value of the selected denomination, Total value of all counted bills

Power Supply220 V

Dimensions280*250*150 mm


Count multiple currencies including AED, USD, EUR, etc.
Accurate and reliable bill counting, regardless of currency condition
Sensors adjustment to different currencies at the push of a button with control panel sensitivity settings (service mode)
Counterfeit detection can be easily switched on/off on the control panel


Engineered for performance and designed for streamlined maintenance
High quality construction assures reliability
Advanced technology allows quick bill counting and counterfeit detection simultaneously
Voltage surge protection and quiet operation


Calculate the total value and the total number of bills counted for each denomination
Track counts of different denominations and calculate a grand total by using ValuCount and add mode


Any suspect bill is left on top of the counted bill stack and not included in total sum
Easy to use regardless or experience level, thanks to a comfortable and intuitive control panel that allows changes at the push of a button

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Cassida 6650 UV Counting Machine (A5)