Zebra 800017-240 ID Card Printer Ribbon

Zebra 800017-240 ID Card produces up to 200 card prints on Zebra P100i, Zebra P110i and Zebra P120i printers. Zebra 800017-240 printer ribbon replaces Zebra 800015-940 producing the same sharp four-color images, text and barcodes with a clear protective overcoat. This Zebra color ribbon, however, has been newly designed to be eco-friendly and more user-friendly. Environmental benefits of the Zebra 800017-240 ribbon cartridge include:

  • Biodegrades at a faster rate than normal
  • Made from recyclable plastic materials
  • A sleek design uses less plastic and creates less waste


The new Zebra ribbon cartridges also feature:

  • Convenient tabs that make grasping the cartridge easier during ribbon installation and removal
  • Easily removed ribbon rolls allow you to properly dispose of your ribbon and any sensitive ID data contained on it
  • Open design exposes the ribbon roll so you can easily tell which ribbon your Zebra printer is currently using, and if there are any tears or debris on the ribbon
  • Built-in cleaning rollers are easy to change, great for dusty environments where your Zebra printer ribbon is exposed to debris.

Genuine Zebra supplies meet stringent quality standards and are recommended for optimal Zebra card print quality and performance.

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