PS75 – USB – OmniDirectional ( Black )

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Product Description:

AURES PS-75 Omnidirectional Scanner

The AURES PS-75 Omnidirectional Scanner offers seamless integration with existing equipment, making it an ideal choice for various applications, including point-of-sale or service environments. Users appreciate its exceptional scanning capabilities, which enable efficient and accurate data capture. This barcode scanner is known for its outstanding performance in delivering reliable results. It excels at swiftly and accurately capturing data, ensuring efficiency in various tasks. Businesses highly regard the AURES PS-75 Omnidirectional Scanner as a reliable and efficient solution for barcode scanning functionality, thanks to its versatile design and superior scanning capabilities. It is available in a sleek graphite black design, adding a touch of elegance to any setting. Moreover, the PS-75 offers multiple interface options, including keyboard wedge, USB, RS-232, or wand, allowing for effortless connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of systems and devices.

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2 years Return to Manufacturer


The AURES manual, drivers and peripherals can be found on the AURES Support website.

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