Honeywell Solaris 7820 Hands Free Scanner USB


Honeywell’s Solaris 7820 vertical scanner features easy integration into any environment and aggressive scanning performance. With an extended omnidirectional depth of field, cashiers can scan codes intuitively with minimal concern for orientation as the barcode does not need to be positioned exactly for a successful reading.

The scanner front is absolutely flat and includes the three capacitive switches for changing to standby mode, selecting the confirmation beep and the volume control. The scan window can thus be cleaned easily, while its robustness is increased by the lack of movable parts. Multiple on-board interfaces make the Solaris 7820 compatible with most POS systems, which facilitates integration. The Solaris 7820 further simplifies integration by drawing power directly from the host using the USB or serial port. A troubleshooting visual diagnostic indicator helps to detect and remedy malfunctions quickly.

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