DOACT Audio Transformer, 10pcs 1300-8 Ohm EE14 POS Transformer, Single Phase

  • Designed to transform voltage or change the impedance of a load.
  • Sufficient passband, the original winding inductance is large, the leakage inductance is small, the influence of hysteresis loss can be reduced.
  • Used as components for circuits such as voltage amplification and power output in radio communication, broadcast television, and automatic control.
  • The primary and secondary windings are closely coupled.
  • Stable performance, high reliability, convenient to use.


Product Description


Item Type: Audio Transformer
Impedance Ratio: 1300 : 8
Power Phase Number: Single Phase
Moisture Proof Way: Open
Cooling Method: Oil-Immersed Air-Cooled
Frequency Characteristics: Medium Frequency
Winding Form: Self Coupling
Iron Core Form: Amorphous Alloy
Iron Core Shape: EI Type
Structure: Vertical

Package List:
10 x Audio Transformer

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