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Baseus car air freshener with atomizer black + 2 refills (Freesia + Wild bluebell) + USB Type C charging cable 1m (CNZX000301)

Make traveling comfortable by removing unpleasant odors from the interior of the vehicle. As? With the help of an air freshener for a car with an atomizer. This practically device can be controlled manually or via a mobile application, distributing a pleasant aroma and neutralizing the unpleasant smell of exhaust gases, sweat or food.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh
  • Material: PP
  • Fragrances: Freesia, Wild bluebell

Fast refresh
The fragrance is distributed inside the car with an atomizer. It spreads quickly and can also be felt in the rear seat within seconds. The device has full control of the smell intensity and spraying time

Long-lasting battery
It is enough to charge the battery – the device does not have to be constantly connected to the power source for it to work and refresh the air. When fully charged, it works for about 60 days.

START / STOP system
The car purifier works with the car responding to gas and brake – when the car starts moving, the purifier starts, and when the car stops, the purifier stops working.

Fashionable appearance
It is worth paying attention to the appearance of the purifier, which is in line with the current trends of car manufacturers. It has an elegant housing and a small size. It will fit anywhere in your car.

Pleasant aromas
Two fragrances are included in the set with the purifier:

  • Freesia – sweet and refreshing
  • Wild bluebell – light and refreshing

Mobile application
The purifier is controlled not only by manual operation, but also via a mobile application. Thanks to it, you can set the intensity of the fragrance, the length of spraying a single mist and the schedule of the atomizer.