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The mobile phone is wirelessly connected and controlled by keyboard and mouse fast and accurate, professional in mobile game just one step faster than those players playing purely on the screen
Support force gun macro optimize mouse trajectory scope-aim-shot head, perfect at one go accurate shooting without floating
Simulation of the touch screen operation, great helper for less experienced players, thus avoiding monitoring by the game platform, never worry about account lockout
Universal for dual platforms of iOS and Android
Innovative PC office mode preemptively compatible with iOS13/Pad OS
Connect to the phone via wireless 4.0 protocol dual USB interface for connection to keyboard and mouse instantly enjoy the game stably
Magnetic mobile phone holder, simple and portable
Multi-key Rollover: By recording the input command, individual functions can be realized through multi-key pressing at the same time, always one step faster than.other players in the fierce fighting
Mouse Trajectory Optimization: Optimization of mouse trajectory with high-order mapping technology. Multi-point rendering without delay or being laggy, and shooting is more stable
Compatible with Multiple Devices: Support wireless connection of the devices such as mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android systems)